Conservative Exchange
Money alone can't save America, but adding 74+ million organized, empowered, and mobilized voters in 3233 counties can.
Join and/or Create Private Communities free. Merge unlimited lists into a single, source-coded database by members, guests, individuals, email chains, social media friends, groups, etc. Communities are linked to respective Counties and States and can be affiliated to share events. Billing options available.
Private Discussion Forums driven by a continuous flow of content from, but not limited to, members, communities, news media, BLOGs, PACs, and other content providers, stored as shareable documents. Members collaborating within teams engage in locally, sharing knowledge nationally.
Our elegantly simple Private/Public Event Management system allows anyone to organize and manage live or online events from 2-100,000+ attendees with photo ID's. Includes private forums for networking and collaboration before, during, and after events. Ticketing and billing options available.
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