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1980-2005: Tom Knudsen, President Thomas Register of American Manufacturers,
"Bill was our largest advertiser for 25 years out of 128,000 listed manufacturers"
"Bill re-invents industries... again and again"
"Bill invented his Buy-An-Industry" strategy that I saw work every time."

1985-1992: 1stDESK Systems, Bill Hulbig Fonder/CEO
Developer of the first Apple Macintosh Relational Database

South American Higher Education Symposium, San Juan, PR (2500 attendees).
"Bill stands in for John Sculley, President, Apple Computer, as keynote speaker on two week's notice. Presents the 'Knowledge Navigator' movie using Sculley's copy immediately after it's debut at DEXPO, Boston.

Macintosh Apple User Group, Chicago, IL (4,500 Attendees)
"Bill stands in for Apple's European President as their key note speaker on 10 minutes notice."

Mark Mansour, Managing Director, MCM Capital Partners
Private equity investor in MicroGroup.

"Under the leadership of William Hulbig, Chief Executive Officer, MicroGroup established a 30-year track record of double-digit revenue and earnings growth ..."

"The sale of MicroGroup ... generated a 46 percent realized internal rate of return ... or approximately 3.5 times the initial MCM Capital investment amount over a 38-month holding period."

MicroMarine, Ltd: Bill Hulbig Founder/CEO
Manufacturer of High Performance Pedal Boats
"MicroMarine was featured on a Discovery Channel Special about the Trans-Pacific voyage of the 26' Moksha traveling from San Francisco to Hawaii, to Marshall Islands, to the Sydney, Australian Olympics' using a patented MicroMarine gear-head pedal drive"

2007-2010 Founder/CEO International Capital Exchange (INCAPX)
Next-Generation SEC Compliant Networking and Global Deal Flow Exchange Platform.

Bill launched INCAPX just prior to the Lehman Brother's collapse, but in those initial few months we were swamped with 1,000's of entrepreneurs seeking angel investors as was expected, but the entrepreneurs contacted us directly without posting a listing. Since INCAPX was the pioneer of SEC Compliant internet sites, we couldn't be involved in deal flow. Angel investor groups had no interest in listing either as most of their members were only spectators.

The shock was we had a substantial listed deals from $100 million to $8 billion with interested investors ! Unfortunately Lehman crashes and investors disappear overnight. Bill learned that most deals are done by a group of investors unique to a single deals which required community-based deal rooms. However, while creating new code it became apparent that the real opportunities were in other markets. INCAPX is dissolved.

2010-Present Founder/CEO, CommunityXchanges.
Unique Private Community-Engagement internet platform.
Building on what was learned fro INCAPX about Community-Engagement vs. Groups, we targeted Event Management. The plan was to create a generic platform with vertical markets focusing on live event management. After nearly a decade in development we're ready to launch and even had development contracts for custom sites - COVID! Everything goes away again - well, maybe not quite.. 74+ million conservatives have no home.

2021-Present Founder/CEO, ConservativeXchange, LLC.
Bill, a staunch Conservative had the perfect platform and licensing model, so he forms the ConservativeXChange.

Bill's a mechanical engineer, but he is best known for applying 'engineering' and 'systems' analysis techniques to sales, marketing, and strategic planning, in the fields of technology, consumer products, high-fashion, beverages, media, software, and Private Equity.

During his 50+ years as an entrepreneur, Bill was the Founder/CEO of dozens businesses, sat on numerous Boards, and was granted several patents ranging from revolutionary database indexing to high performance pedal boats.
Stevens Institute of Technology, BSME, 1959 - 1965
1965-1967 Field Engineer, Lummus Company, a Division of Combustion Engineering, a Designer/Contractor of Chemical Plants
1967-1968 Design Engineer, Stone and Webster Engineering, Designer/Contractor of Power Plants

1968-1971 Sales Engineer, Metal Bellows Corporation
Manufacturer Welded Metal Bellows for aircraft, aerospace, and commercial applications.

1970-1972 Sales Engineer, Warren Pike Associates
Distributor of Power Transmission Products

1971-2005 Founder/CEO, MicroGroup,
Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Tubing and Medical Device Components

MicroGroup is a prominent supplier of miniature, precision, metal components for the medical device industry.

Bill created rapid and sustained growth for MicroGroup during his term as CEO through a very unusual route - by becoming the largest advertiser in the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers whose President coined the phrases "Buy-An-Industry Program" and "Reinvents Industries".

Bill was a pioneer in applying direct marketing to high-technology contract manufacturing beginning in 1971 and won many advertising awards during his career. He sold the MicroGroup to private equity firms in both 2002 and 2005.

During his 35 years, he also founded many other related and unrelated businesses.

1985-1992: Founder/CEO 1stDESK Systems
Purchased Desktop Software, developer of the first relational database on Macintosh to run the MIcroGroup. 1stDESK continued development under the name 1stDESK dramatically enhanced and seamlessly automated a family of programs including 1stBASE, 1st PORT, 1stMERGE, 1stVUE and 1stTEAM. Won Mac-100 Award Granted several database indexing patents. Sold to private equity firm in 2005.

1996-2002: Founder/CEO MicroMarine,
High-performance pedal boat manufacturer with several patents.
MicroMarine's gear-head pedal drive was featured on Discovery Channel Special about the Trans-Pacific voyage by the 26' Moksha. Traveling from San Francisco to Hawaii, to Marshall Islands, to the Sydney, Australian Olympics. MicroMarine was major sponsor and it's logo was prominently displayed.

2005-2010 Immediately upon the last sale of MicroGroup in 2005, Cotuit Capital, Founder/Partner
Bill leaves MIcroGroup intent on leveraging his 35+ years as a highly successful CEO with extensive knowledge of the PE industry.

After six months of investigation he discovered the missing link of nearly every private equity and venture deal, 100-Day Plans. They were wildly touted during negotiations, but non-existent after the close. Bill invents an upgraded version he trademarks as 100%100-Day Plans® . He boasted they could double the value of a leveraged business in 100 days, or at least launch a plan doubling the value in less than a year. Impossible? Bill had just done that with the sale of MicroGroup, and the story's credibility is promoted on the Private Equity seller's web site!

2006-Present Narragansett Beer Company, Board Member and Round Leading Angel Investor
Historically significant New England Beer brand

2006-Present TEGO, Inc.; Critical Stage Angel Investor
Developer of intelligent RFID chips for aerospace, military, and medical applications.

2006-2008 Emerald Bridal; CEO and Private Equity Investor
Designer and wholesale distributor of wedding gowns. Became fastest growing designer with revolutionary marketing plan, selling through over 600 bridal shops nationwide.

2006-2010 Bank of Cape Cod,; Angel Investor
LOcal community commercial bank.

2006-2008 AIRPRINT; Lead angel investor and Board Member
Developer of patented Bluetooth encrypted file transfers.
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